Bach Flower Remedies

Agrimony: For those who hide their troubles behind a carefree, cheerful mask. They tend to make light of inner difficulties and rarely burden others with their problems. They dislike arguments and confrontations. They may use alcohol, drugs, food, or work to escape their pain. They usually do not like being alone.

Aspen: For those suffering from vague but troubling fears and anxieties which may suddenly arise for no apparent reason. They may be in the form of nightmares or apprehensions. They may be of a spiritual or religious nature.

Beech: For those with intolerance of others, who tend to be critical and ready to find fault with people's habits and idiosyncrasies. Helps one to be able to accept and look beyond the differences and find them less annoying.

Centaury: For those who always try to please others and find it difficult to say "no" to them, even at the risk of being exploited. For those who tend to put their own needs last. These people are usually overly timid.

Cerato: For those who don't trust their own judgment and always turn to the advise an opinions of others, even if such advice is misguided. Especially useful for those who lack confidence.

Cherry Plum: For those who fear losing control of their thoughts and actions, who could do things they know are bad for themselves or which they know are wrong. It has traditionally been used for those who fear suicide or who have obsessions and compulsions. PLEASE NOTE: If the symptoms are severe, you should seek the help of a good therapist.

Chestnut Bud: For those who repeat the same mistakes over and over again, never learning from past experience. For those who need to break destructive patterns of behavior or destructive relationships.

Chicory: For those who are over-involved in the lives of family and close friends and who attempt to impose their own standards on those whom they love. These people tend to be overly possessive.

Clematis: For those who find their lives unhappy and withdraw into fantasy worlds. They may be indifferent to the details of everyday life. They are usually dreamy, drowsy, and preoccupied. They tend to enjoy sleeping too much.

Crab Apple: For feelings of shame, uncleanness, or a poor self-image. This remedy can be used as a good physical and emotional cleanser. This remedy may be helpful for those people who show symptoms of obsessive house cleaning or frequent hand washing.

Elm: For those who feel overwhelmed or overburdened by responsibilities. If one feels a task is just too difficult to accomplish. This remedy can also be helpful for those with a tendency to take on too much responsibility, thus setting themselves up for temporary exhaustion and the loss of self esteem caused by their failure to complete the task.

Gentian: For those suffering feelings of discouragement and doubt, which may be caused by the smallest of obstacles. The cause of depression is almost always known. These people tend to "make mountains out of mole hills" and they tend to be very pessimistic.

Gorse: For those who are suffering from feelings of hopelessness and despair. For those who have a tendency to give up... who believe that nothing more can be done. It can be useful in cases of chronic illnesses.

Heather: For those who have a need to constantly talk about themselves and their problems. They tend to hate being alone. They usually appear to have a lack of interest in what other people have to say.

Holly: For those who are troubled by feelings of jealousy, envy and hatred because they feel they don't get enough love. These people tend to be suspicious and suffer within even though there maybe no true cause for their unhappiness.

Honeysuckle: For those who dwell too much in the past, on lost loved ones, or on ambitions which were never realized. Often these people may never expect to be happy ever again.

Hornbeam: For those suffering with the feeling that they don't have the strength to get through the normal activities of the day, however they usually do seem to muddle through and get things done. This remedy can be useful for those suffering fatigue brought on by boredom. These same people often have a tendency to procrastinate.

Impatiens: For those who tend to be quick decision makers and at times they may appear irritable. They usually have no patience for what they perceive as the slowness of others. They usually prefer to work alone at their own rapid pace. This remedy has been found to be useful with many children and teens as well.

Larch: For those with a lack of self-confidence and who anticipate failure. They often they make no real attempt to succeed. It is a good remedy for those who feel that they cannot do as well as other people.

Mimulus: For those with known fears; i.e. fear of the dark, fear of heights, fear of contracting a disease, fear of growing old or fear of death etc. If you can name your fear, then this remedy may be very helpful.

Mustard: For those with depression of an unknown cause. Sudden gloom can descend upon the person for no apparent reason and it may disappear just as fast as it came, but when the person has this type of despair, they find it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oak: For those who never give up, regardless of hardships and difficulties. This remedy is suited for plodders whom others depend on. It may help these people to stop and smell the roses along the way and bring happiness back into their lives. Also for those who by nature were strong, but now feel they are no longer able to struggle against an illness or other adversity.

Olive: For those with mental and physical exhaustion, caused by illness or personal ordeals. This remedy may help in restoring lost vitality. If everything seems to be an effort and nothing brings enjoyment... this remedy may help.

Pine: For those people who are never satisfied with themselves. They tend to blame themselves for not doing better. For people who suffering from guilt and who may even blame themselves for other people's mistakes.

Red Chestnut: For those who always worry about the well being of those they love. They tend to anticipate terrible things happening to them. This remedy is also good for care givers of very sick or terminally ill people.

Rock Rose: For those in emergency situations in which one experiences panic or great fear. This remedy is useful in accidents and illnesses that come on suddenly.

Rock Water: For those who are overly hard on themselves by adopting very rigid personal regimes, denying themselves life's normal pleasures. Many times they do this to set an example for others to follow. This remedy can help a person to become more flexible.

Scleranthus: For those who have a tough time making up their mind. Many times they find themselves torn between two choices and they can't decide which is best. This remedy can also be helpful for mood swings.

Star of Bethlehem: For those suffering from trauma, shock or grief; it can be very helpful after receiving bad news. The trauma, shock or grief may have been experienced recently or in the distant past. This remedy is also helpful after an accident.

Sweet Chestnut: For those suffering from extreme mental anguish; they feel that they have reached the limits of their endurance and they are on the brink of giving up.

Vervain: For those who have a huge need to convince others of the validity of their own beliefs. Many times their over enthusiasm will sabotage their efforts. These people have a tendency to loudly speak out against things they consider to be unjust.

Vine: For those who tend to be leaders. They are confident and usually quite capable. They like when others do things their way... many times they insist on it. These people have a tendency to be dominating and inflexible.

Walnut: For those who are experiencing a time of transition, who are trying to adapt to a new environment, i.e. a new job, new school, divorce, puberty, menopause, etc. This remedy can also be helpful in protecting a person from others negative influences, as in peer pressure, etc. It is useful in most teenager's remedies, but certainly not limited to teens.

Water Violet: For those who are capable and independent; they tend to be loners. These people may appear to be proud and aloof. Many times people find it hard to get to know them.

White Chestnut: For those suffering from unwanted thoughts and concerns which seem to endlessly play in one's mind like a broken record. Many times these thoughts can cause insomnia.

Wild Oat: For those who want to do something with their lives, but who do not have a clear sense of purpose. They tend to feel dissatisfied and uncertain. This remedy can help a person to get on track and find focus and direction.

Wild Rose: For those who suffer from resignation and apathy, who make little or no effort to find joy in their lives. This remedy can be helpful for those who feel that they are stuck in a rut, but who make no effort to improve their circumstance.

Willow: For those who suffer from resentments; they feel that life is unfair. The "why does everything bad happen to me" syndrome. These people often become quite bitter and begrudge other people's good fortune.

Rescue Remedy: For those suffering from shock or trauma. It is the ideal universal emergency remedy. It can also be useful in helping a person to handle stress better. It contains Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.

*It is best to choose a few remedies at any given time when making up a custom Bach Flower Remedy. The maximum number should be limited to 6 flower essences at any given time. Rescue Remedy can be counted as 1 of the 6.

Custom Bach Flower Remedy: PRICE: 1oz. ....$10, 2oz................$15, 4oz...................$25