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Welcome to our Natural Health & Wellness website. Our purpose is to help you achieve a better state of overall wellness through the use of natural remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes. Our website is still somewhat under construction, so please consider this a work in progress. None the less, we are up and running... and eager to serve your needs.

We carry many rare hard to find items as well as many of the more conventional herbs, vitamins, minerals, food supplements, and homeopathic remedies.

We are familiar with a number of special protocols which have proven to be helpful in assisting one's own immune system in combating many of today’s modern plagues, such as: Lyme Disease, Post Lyme Syndrome, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Diabetes, Chronic Candida, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Emphysema, Rheumatoid & Osteo Arthritis, to name a few. We have a number of natural protocols for other health challenges, such as: Acne, Insomnia, Infertility, Mild Depression, Weight Control, ADD & ADHD and we even have a natural protocol to assist a person who wants to Quit Smoking. We are in contact with a number of researchers and practitioners who are on the cutting edge of natural medicine and alternative therapies. Our resident Doctor of Naturopathy, John Mulliken, N.D. is nationally board certified by the ANMCAB and he has been involved in the area of natural health and wellness for over 20 years. Dr. John is Christian Naturopath who is passionate about helping people with their health. Be sure to read some of the many interesting testimonials by clicking on the hotlink at the left side of this page.

Please keep in mind that Dr. John is available for personal phone consultations at very reasonable rates. He is happy to discuss your personal case with you and custom design a personalized protocol for your specific needs. If you would like to book a time to discuss your personal case with him, just call 1-717-741-1334 and ask for Penny, she will be glad to help you book your appointment or phone consultation. Dr. John will call you back ASAP. Thanks!