I am committed to finding ways to help my fellow man with natural alternatives for better health and wellness. I try to keep an open mind to the many complementary approaches available.
My goal is to be able to accomplish the above, while being able to support the needs of my family. In order to achieve this, I need a suggested fee schedule for all the time I spent with my clients. A donation of $65 per half hour or $120 per hour is suggested. Obviously, I do not want this to be a financial hardship to anyone, nor is it my practice to turn anyone away for inability to pay. It just makes sense that we all need to provide for our families and I am no exception, so please be considerate of this.

If a person can not afford my services due to financial hardship, I will do my best to help them just the same. In these cases I will provide consultation at no charge and supplementation at a discounted rate.  I do however request that they have a letter sent to me by either their clergy, social worker or a close friend stating that they truly deserve pro bono status and I further request that they commit to the PIF Program.

PIF stands for Pay It Forward and it is loosely based on the concept displayed in the movie "Pay It Forward." The concept is self-evident after viewing the movie, which is now available on video. So my request is this: That a person who is declaring financial hardship show evidence of that financial hardship and commit to viewing the movie "Pay It Forward" within 7 days. It can be rented at most video stores or libraries for $1 - $4. Not a bad price for making the world a better place. The beauty of this concept is how it allows for a balancing and it leverages good to many people, especially those with the greatest need .

Please send correspondence to:

Dr. John Mulliken, N.D.
2920 Seitzville Road
Seven Valleys, PA 17360